We keep all brands of bikes running smoothly and do repairs ranging from flat tires to complete overhauls, as well as custom wheel builds. Most bicycle repairs require specialized tools and the skill to use them. Our mechanics have the factory training and experience necessary to successfully meet all of your bicycle repair needs. You are encouraged to stop by with your bike for a *free repair estimate* to determine what repair category would suit your bike. Scooter's has been servicing all makes and models of bikes in this area since 1975. So stop by and check us out!

Bicycle Fittings

Scooter's Bike Shop has a fully equipped bicycle fitting area.

We also have staff on hand that are certified by Specilized Bicycle Components University (SBCU) for professional bicycle fitting. Proper position on the bike is critical for all levels of cyclists. For a novice rider, proper fit ensures maximum comfort and cycling ease. Experienced riders will find that a good fit increases efficiency, power, and comfort.

Cyclists of all levels will reduce their chance of cycling-induced injuries through proper fit. An efficient and proper fitted position makes it easy to maintain the duration of a ride and allows the cyclist to pedal the bicycle effectively without wasting energy from improper pedaling mechanics. 

Minor Tune-Up $55

Minor adjustments, and correct installation of parts.

Basic Tune-Up $75

Lubricate Drivetrain, Adjust Brakes, Tighten Cranks, Adjust Derailleurs, Tighten Seat, Adjust & Tighten Wheel Cones, Minor Wheel True, Inflate Tires, Wipe Down Frame, Check Tires for Wear.

Deluxe Tune-Up $100

Basic Tuneup along with Drivetrain Inspection & Cleaning, Clean & Lubricate Cables & Cable Housings, Check Dropout Alignment, True & Clean Wheels, Clean & Polish Frame.

Total Overhaul $200

Complete Overhaul & Tuneup including Remove, Clean & Repack Hubs, Bottom Brackets & Headset (sealed components excluded), Complete Disassembly, Cleaning & Rebuild of the Shifting System, Complete Disassembly, Cleaning & Rebuild of the Braking System.

Internal Cable Routing starts at $40*

*Price varies per bike, certain frames are easier to route than others. We need to see what we are woking with first before a final price is given. Thanks for understanding.